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My Verizon is your Verizon Wireless account. Manage your information and devices is easy and you can do it online and on-the-go, 24/7. In Verizon Wireless Login you can get more info about it or watch the video gallery to learn more about your device and what My Verizon can do for you.

Account Access Roles

Verizon Wireless provides three different levels of online access to help you manage your account online: Account Owner, Account Manager, and Account Member. See below for an overview of each role and a list of functions that are available for each.

 Account Owner

 The Account Owner is the person financially responsible for the account. This role has complete access to all of the information and can manage all cell phones on the account. Only one mobile phone number per account is eligible to register as an Account Owner.

Account Manager

 The Account Manager must be assigned by the Account Owner. This role has access to account information and can manage all lines of service on the account. The Account Owner can assign up to 3 Account Managers.

Account Member

 The Account Member is a user on the Account Owner’s account. This role has access to certain individual mobile number information and functions, but does not have access to sensitive billing information. All mobile numbers on the account are eligible to register as an Account Member.


My Verizon account roles

Why use Alerts?

Alerts keep you informed about important activities on your account. You can set preferences in My Verizon to receive an email or text message when your bill is ready, when changes have been made to your plan or features, when payments have posted and more.

What is My Documents and Receipts?

My Documents and Receipts is a page within My Verizon where your important account documents, receipts and mail-in rebate forms are stored. These documents can be viewed and / or downloaded as PDF files from within My Verizon.

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  1. Hi! I’m from India, but moving to San Francisco, and I was wondering if Verizon has something such an online recharge service, as Aircel do. Thanks!

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